We ask you to report it if there is a possible risk of infection with the corona virus

To contain the outbreak of COVID-19 (the Corona virus) we have taken the following measures, in addition to the extra hygiene measures already taken. These measures apply until further notice:

For dermatology:

Appointments are changed to telephone consultations, if possible. If necessary, you can get an appointment after consultation with your doctor.
There is no walk-in clinic for the time being and we are closed on Wednesday evening and Saturday. This measure applies at least until April 28th and will be extended if the government decides to extend the Corona measures.

For gynecology:

Appointments largely continue. It is possible that appointments are moved or changed to a telephone appointment. You will contact you when it happens. If desired, and if possible, you can of course convert your consultation into a telephone appointment.

If you suffer from colds or fever and there is a medical urgency that you should come for a consultation, could you please contact us by phone in advance? We will plan your visit at a time when no other patients are present in the clinic.

Our phone number is 020-8203465

This way we hope to contribute in containing the Coronavirus infections.

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