Health insurance cover

Medisch Centrum Wetering offers medical care that is generally covered by your health insurance, if your general practitioner has referred you. You must, however, take your deductible excess into account. For 2020 this is a legally determined amount of (at least) € 385,-.

We have agreements with almost all health insurers

Only for gynaecology patients with natura insurance with VGZ* we have to charge a co-payment. For all appointments within a DBC with an effective date after January 1, 2024, VGZ reimburses only part of the bill and the rest of the costs, depending on the policy 20% to 40%, must be paid by the patient himself.

*The following insurers also fall under VGZ: IZA, Nedasco, UMC, Unive, Zekur and UnitedConsumers.

For plastic surgery, we advise you to contact our staff.

Here you can find an overview with the dermatology rates for 2024, here you can find an overview with the 2024 rates for gynaecology and here you can find an overview with the 2023 rates for Plastic surgery. These rates are the so-called ‘walk-in’ prices. This is the price you would pay if you were not insured. Your insurer receives a discount on these rates. So if you are insured, the amount may be lower than the ‘walk-in’ prices. In the mere case that the advised treatment is not covered by your insurance, you will be informed about this in advance.

The rates that we calculate are not calculated per consultation, but per treatment course (DBC *). This is a legal system, established by the NZa (the Dutch Healthcare Authority). Most DBCs are automatically closed after 90 days. A follow-up DBC will then be opened if necessary. In the event that one or more operations takes place, the DBC sometimes closes earlier. A follow-up DBC usually remains valid for 120 days. Our invoices cannot be sent until the DBC is closed, which is why sometimes it can take so long after your treatment for you to receive an invoice from your insurance company. For more information about DBCs, please check here.

Please keep in mind that you have a deductible excess, which you will have to pay yourself. For more information about the deductible excess, please check here.

Cosmetic treatments are usually not reimbursed by your health insurance. The rate for an intake for fillers is 45.00 euros, which amount will be deducted from your first treatment.

The fee for an intake with the plastic surgeon is Euro 150,00 which will be deducted from your first treatment.

Rate increases will be published on the website.

* A diagnosis treatment combination (DBC) is the total trajectory from the diagnosis to the (possible) treatment that follows from this.