About the clinic

Medical Center Wetering

The Wetering Medical Centre Wetering Dermatological Centre was established by Dr R. Krijnen. Dr Krijnen successfully completed her dermatologist-phlebologist training at VU University Amsterdam in 2000, and was employed by Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam for more than 10 years. She established the medical centre in 2011. The centre focuses on dermatology, phlebology, and gynaecology. The centre employs several dermatologists. Varicose vein treatments are provided by phlebologist Ms D.F. Westerheijden and dermatologist-phlebologist Ms Langendoen. The team further includes a gynaecologist, two practice nurses, two receptionists, two vascular laboratory technicians, a medical pedicure, and two skin therapists.

Our centre particularly provides care under health insurance, comparable to the services of a dermatology or gynaecology outpatient department in a hospital. In addition, the Wetering Medical Centre offers cosmetic treatments (not covered by health insurance).