Mrs. drs. E. van Horen

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BIG number: 39066804401

Mrs drs. van Horen has been a gynaecologist since 2016. Trained as a gynaecologist at Amsterdam UMC and OLVG West. Then worked as chief de clinique at Amsterdam UMC, Spaarne Gasthuis and Noordwest Hospital Group Den Helder.

“From 2022, I started focusing on care in women’s clinics. First at Curilion in Haarlem and the Women’s Clinic in Amsterdam Zuidoost and now at Medisch Centrum Wetering. My areas of focus are menopause, cervical pathology and fertility. I enjoy being able to provide patient care with full attention and time and thrive on working in a nice, close-knit team.”

Areas of interest:

  • Menopause
  • Cervix pathology
  • Fertility


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